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We do not take reservations or call ahead seating requests. 

We're not trying to make your life difficult, we swear.  We tried to accommodate reservations for a time, but our small-but-mighty restaurant (at about 80 seats) can't hold tables indefinitely for diners who don't show up for reservations on time. Which happened.  A lot.  

So what's a diner to do?  

We will take your name and number if there is a wait.  You're welcome to take a walk around the RiverFront if the weather is nice (or cozy up to the bar if it's arctic) and we'll give you a call when your table is ready.  

Peak wait times usually occur on Friday and Saturday evenings between 6:30-8:30. (Please note that parties of 6 or more may be required to split during these peak hours.)  

You're welcome to give us a call at the number below during business hours to see if we do have a wait, and we'll tell you what the current wait time is.  Please understand that this is an estimate and may change by the time of your arrival.